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Sofia Graflund

Co-Founder &
Board member Nyimusa Sweden

Co-founder and board member of Nyimusa Foundation Sweden and Nyimusa Uganda, lawyer by profession, mother of three, passionate about Uganda since 15 years.

Derrick Ssuna

Co-founder & Director Nyimusa Uganda

Co-founder and director of the project. Software engineer, wholehearted committed to make a change for children in Uganda.

Emelie Adenlöf

Board Member Nyimusa Sweden

Board member of Nyimusa Foundation Sweden, experienced in development work in low-income countries, MA in Business & Management, education enthusiast.

Denis Kutesa

Board Member Nyimusa Uganda

Board member of Nyimusa Foundation Uganda, volunteer since 2016 in the foundation. Electrical engineer by profession. Works at Energy Tap Uganda. Passionate about project management.

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 Lydia Babirye

Finance Officer

Experienced Financial Officer. BSc in Finance. Procurement and Logistics professional at NCBA Bank Uganda. Dedicated mother and community member.

Jonna Lindell

Board Member Nyimusa Sweden

Board member of Nyimusa Foundation Sweden, experienced project leader and passionate about project execution. BSc business administration. Tech enthusiast.

Mama Suzan

Family Home Mother and Dedicated Team Member of Nyimusa Uganda

Running one of the Nyimusa Family homes since 2019 and supporting the setup and development of the new homes at the site. Experienced poultry farmer and en excellent chef!

Christopher Bileyo

Team Member Nyimusa Uganda

Experienced field data collector and HIV researcher.  Working with  ICAP (NGO providing technical assistance to develop HIV prevention). BSc in Biomedical Laboratory Sciences.

Meet the Team: Meet the Team
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