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Sponsor a child

A core part of our work is to match sponsors to children in need. The children are often orphans, or have parents that are unable to provide for them because of illness or poverty. 

The process of a child getting sponsored through the Nyimusa program is: 

  1.  Through our established network (as a registered NGO, we get information about children in need through the village heads and other organisations. 

  2. Our Uganda team visits the village and the child in order to learn more the full background in the case. Most importantly we investigate if there is anyone left in the child's life such as extended family that can support the child. 

  3. If there is no extended family or friends that can provide for the child, we begin searching in our networks for a sponsor. The sponsorship fee is paid annually and covers: tuition, learning material, clothes, healthcare, accommodation at the school and food. We collaborate with selected boarding schools that we continuously visit. 

  4. We find a sponsor who pays an initial fee of 100USD to get a "starting kit" needed to enter school (clothes, books and material) plus the annual fee of 950USD. The sponsor will be continuously updated by the local team about the progress of the child. 


Make a donation

We are always in need of donations that can be used for unforeseen circumstances such as children's medical bills, medications, learning aids etc. 

Send your donation to Nyimusa Sweden’s fundraising account via bank transfer or Swish. 

Bank details: 8327-9, 734 681 121-4

Swish number: 123 164 79 57

Partner with us

Partnerships can come in different forms, we are always eager to discuss possibilities with you! 

Are you a company providing a service that our organisation should use? Perhaps you have a corporate fundraising goal or want to engage your employees in giving back? 

We are happy to visit workplaces to tell more about our organisation, the situation in Uganda, and ways to get involved. Get in touch and let's see what suits you best!

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Get Involved: Get Involved
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