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A Gift that Makes a Difference

Nyimusa Foundation currently has more than 85 orphaned children in the program. Each month, we encounter new children that need our help and the need for further support/aid in Uganda is ever growing. Looking back at the year that has passed we are proud and grateful for all the hard work, engagement and support that our sponsors have put into Nyimusa - it has made a life changing difference in many children's lives. But we are not satisfied, and we will not settle - not as long as there are more children in need of aid. 

We would love to show you some examples of what your support could mean. With your help we can make the world a better place for the children of Uganda. We can make sure they have a safe home, get a good education and have access to healthcare and hygiene products. This is an easy way for you to make a difference. 

You can choose between Swish or making a payment to our bank account. Every donation goes straight to our Foundation. If you want us to issue a gift certificate to share with your friends & family, perhaps as a gift, please state your email address in the message of your transfer - or contact us at

If you would prefer to be the sponsor if a child for a full year (950 USD) you can read more under the tab Get Involved.

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Building the Future

200 SEK / 20USD

This amount covers school materials for one child for one school year. Providing education for a child is one of the most impactful ways to make a difference and change the trajectory of a country like Uganda.

Nyimusa Foundation fights for every child's right to go to school. Many of the families and children we support live in poverty or have experienced traumatic events.

500SEK / 50USD

This amount covers basic healthcare check-up, two vaccinations and hygiene products (sanitary products, soap, dental products) for one child.

Access to healthcare and basic hygiene products is a basic human right and a necessity for children to be able to both learn and thrive school.

1000SEK /100USD

This amount covers a pallet of bricks and crucial building material for the ongoing construction of our centre Aurora in Buwama. The centre will provide safe housing, food, education and health care for children that attend our programs. You can read more about Aurora here

Payment details can be found on the bottom of this page.

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