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Nyimusa Newsletter - Q4 2022

Dear Sponsors and Partners,

As our organization continues to grow and we having the privilege to welcome more sponsors and partners onboard on our journey, we will start sending out a newsletter on a quarterly basis, to share our progress, milestones, and challenges with you all. This first letter will be a little bit more comprehensive as so many things have happened from last year, but the coming ones will be more current updates. We will also share information about frequently asked questions in our letter, such as how we select the children that join our program and how we ensure fair and true accounting. Our vision is truly to be the most transparent NGO where every dollar donated is used for the intended purpose.


Today we have over 85 children in our program and more than 40 have graduated from either university or vocational school. We are happy to have welcomed 10 new sponsors of 10 new children in the program since the summer!

All our children come with different histories, but they have one thing in common; they are all the most vulnerable in the society. Lacking education and safeguarding. Until today our children go to several different boarding schools spread over many districts. The vulnerability of our set up became very clear during Covid, when all schools closed for over 2 years, giving is 24 hours to pick up all our kids and arrange with temporary homes for them. We managed and today we are very proud to say that all our children went back to school after Covid, and we even managed to help them with homeschooling, so they were promoted to the next level. This was a real effort by the Ugandan team as in average 20% of the students in Uganda never went back to school after Covid.


We knew it was time to start building a more sustainable structure around our children. In 2019, we took a significant next step in our journey when we bought our own land in Buwama Village. Here we will create the home for our children and for many more that need our support. We will run our own school with competent teachers, create family homes with our caring team for our youngest children, provide food from our very own land, and offer healthcare services to our children and the local community from our own health clinic. We call the project “Project Aurora” and our ambition is to start the school for the youngest children in January 2024. Today we have already constructed the office, the spring well (“Water by Lantella”), and the first mama house (“Lisa’s house”) is under construction right now. Thank you Peter, Lantella Management and Jenny for the donations to build these! We are continuously fundraising and hope to be able to share more progress in the next letter. If you or your company want to have your own building in Uganda – this is a great opportunity :)

The completed office (white building), the construction of Lisas House - our first mama house, and the well including water tank storage.

Finalization of the water well which will not only serve Nyimusa site but the whole community. The well is up and running now and the effect of this water well is already evident in the community. Before, children in the community would return to their families from school at around 5pm & would be sent by their parents to go fetch water about 3km - 5km from an old community well. With this, there were cases of rape, kidnapping etc. Our new well is located just nearby the village so the children from the village can fetch safe and free water then return to their families safe & sound.


In 2022 we incorporated a fundraising foundation in Sweden (Sw. insamlingsstiftelse) under which we now collect all donations and sponsor fees. The foundation is audited by PwC.

In Uganda we have since the start operated under a CBO permit (community-based organization) but we finally received our NGO permit in March 2022 which allows us to work in several districts but also ensure good governance and accounting.

The team in Uganda is the core of our organization, they run our programs and are always the closest to our children. The team in Sweden supports in fundraising, accounting, and communications. We are currently 5 volunteers running the organization, but our dream is to within short being able to employ Derrick Ssuna our co-founder as a full-time employee. As always, feel free to reach out if you have questions!

Next letter will be sent out in December, hopefully with more good news of progress!

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